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Hi Michael,

It is still Kevin - a writer and editor at the IvyPanda blog.

And there I am, humbly writing a follow-up to you. I suppose you may have a busy schedule, so I wanted to ensure that my message didn't end up missing somewhere in your inbox.

I sincerely hope it does not bother you too much. In the end, that is definitely not the goal I am pursuing.

Since our blog focuses on everything related to being a student (from tips and hacks to essential resources for struggling individuals) - our writers' team has to spend a lot of time researching content trends in the field and writing it in time. It requires quite a lot of energy and inspiration.

Therefore, my inspiration research led me to your remarkable website, where I found the entertaining "World News Review at 7 p.m." resource page: https://russian-radio.blogspot.com/2022/11/world-news-review-at-7-pm-inoreader_4.html

As I spent some time reviewing it, I thought that maybe you would be interested in our article, which is similar to the one mentioned above.

It is called "225 Mental Health Resources for Students"https://ivypanda.com/blog/mental-health-resources/

Studying brings significant changes to our lives, that is for sure. It can be a rewarding and captivating experience, but it may come with its fair share of difficulties. Dealing with these challenges can have a massive impact on your mental state. Fortunately, plenty of strategies and resources (which you can find in our comprehensive article) exist to make your college experience more manageable and enjoyable.

We would be very grateful for your support if you find our piece interesting enough to share with your audience. If not, it is okay - I can understand that.

Anyway, your opinion means a lot to us!

Best regards,

Kevin Dawson 

Writer at IvyPanda

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