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Stocks see upbeat start to the week as Wall Street's fear gauge subsides
U.S. stocks have kicked this week off with a rally, as Wall Street's fear gauge drops after shooting...
Markets and Business News Review 7m
Lumen looks to lower costs through job cuts as cash concerns continue
Faced with growth and cash challenges, Lumen Technologies is looking to cut expenses by reducing its...
Markets and Business News Review 7m
US health officials warn of counterfeit Botox injections
There's been a spate of do-it-yourself Botox ads popping up on social media lately. But, U.S. health...
AP Audio Wire 9m
'He could have killed my dog': ride-share drivers accused of refusing passengers...
Advocates want government action to enforce anti-discrimination laws that stipulate guaranteed access...
World news | The Guardian 20m
In Argentina, students protest against government's austerity plan
Since last July, when the fiscal year began, the University of Buenos Aires has received 8.9% of its...
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 21m
Maui Fire Department to release after-action report on deadly Hawaii wildfires -...
Maui Fire Department to release after-action report on deadly Hawaii wildfires  Chronicle Telegram
"Maui fire" - Google News 24m
Supreme Court weighs in on when doctors can provide emergency abortions in states...
Nearly two years after overturning the constitutional right to abortion, the Supreme Court will consider...
Associated Press 32m
Ex-National Enquirer publisher pledged to be Trump campaign's 'eyes and ears' during...
Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker pledged to be Donald Trump campaign's 'eyes and ears'...
Associated Press 32m
What to know about the Pro-Palestinian demonstrations on college campuses
Columbia canceled in-person classes, dozens of protesters were arrested at New York University and Yale,...
Associated Press 32m
Aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan advances in Senate with big bipartisan vote
AP correspondent Ed Donahue reports on developments to pass a Ukraine aid bill in Congress.
AP Audio Wire 45m
US Democratic cities take homelessness crisis to the Supreme Court
Municipalities on the West Coast are asking Supreme Court judges to give them the means to ban homeless...
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 51m
Ready in 15 Minutes, This Couscous Salad Is the MVP of Barbecue and Picnic Season
Warm couscous freshened up with lemon, green beans and loads of dill gets additional heft from feta and...
WSJ: World News 53m
Not Everyone Needs a College Degree
Companies like ours are helping build a skills-based economy.
WSJ: World News 53m
Who Cares About Donald Trump's Hush-Money Trial?
Students discuss whether the former president's legal troubles over payments, classified documents and...
WSJ: World News 53m
'Henrietta Szold' Review: Paving the Way to Zion
Henrietta Szold was born in Baltimore, right before the U.S. Civil War. She made her name doing charitable...
WSJ: World News 53m
Tesla's first-quarter net income tumbles 55% as falling global sales and price cuts...
AP correspondent Norman Hall reports on financial struggles for Tesla.
AP Audio Wire 56m
University of Maine is using giant 3D printer to build homes
University of Maine, which boasts the world's largest 3D printer, developed one even bigger that may...
Associated Press 1h
Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are popping up at colleges across US
The turmoil sweeping universities across the United States continues as dozens of student protesters...
Associated Press 1h
Biden blasts Florida's 6-week abortion ban, blames Trump
President Joe Biden traveled to Florida Tuesday to condemn the state's upcoming 6-week abortion ban and...
Associated Press 1h
200 days of Israel-Hamas war in Gaza Strip | AP Explains
AP explains: 200 days of Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip. #gaza #israel #hamas Subscribe:...
Associated Press 1h
Pro-Palestinian encampment grows on the University of Michigan campus
A pro-Palestinian encampment at the center of the University of Michigan's campus in Ann Arbor grew inside...
Associated Press 1h
The Biden FCC Brakes the Internet
The agency revives net neutrality to reassert political control.
WSJ: World News 1h
Slavery Reparations in California?
A state Senate committee votes to set up an agency to determine eligibility.
WSJ: World News 1h
Defining Free Speech Down on Campus
Anti-Israel protesters invoke a First Amendment they don't understand.
WSJ: World News 1h
Cyberattacks are on the rise, and that includes small businesses. Here's what to...
Cyberattacks on businesses are rising, even on small businesses. AP's Lisa Dwyer reports.
AP Audio Wire 1h
At least 21 migrants dead after boat capsizes off coast of Djibouti
Children among those killed in second fatal incident in two weeks close to the Horn of Africa, says UN...
World news | The Guardian 1h
Bigger, Longer Unemployment Checks for All
The Labor Department learned all the wrong pandemic lessons.
WSJ: World News 1h
Sales falling, prices cuts... Tesla's revenues plummeted 55% in first quarter
The company appears to be counting on a vehicle built to be a fully autonomous taxi as the catalyst for...
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 1h
French air traffic controller strike: Up to 75% of flights canceled in Paris Orly...
Airlines will also be forced to cancel 65 percent of flights at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and in...
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 1h
Stock market today: Wall Street rallies again to erase more of April's losses
Stocks keep moving higher. ((self intro))
AP Audio Wire 1h
Wednesday Briefing: Senate Votes on Ukraine Aid
Also, a former tabloid publisher testifies against Donald Trump.
NYT > World 1h
Global plastic pollution treaty talks hit critical stage in Canada
Associated Press 1h
Hannah Waddingham and Winston Duke share theme songs for their 'Fall Guy' scenes
Associated Press 1h
'Human' Review: PBS's Unwieldy Look at Modern Life
This ambitious episode of 'A Brief History of the Future' considers what it means to be human in the...
WSJ: World News 1h
These Magnificent Seven Stocks Pulled the Stock Market Higher Today
What a difference a week makes. The bulls took control today as the magnificent seven tech stocks rallied...
Markets and Business News Review 1h
Enphase's stock slumps as outlook miss reflects solar's ongoing struggles
Enphase Energy came up short with its latest outlook on Tuesday, and its shares were slumping in the...
Markets and Business News Review 1h
Woman charged with murder in Michigan crash that killed two children
A Michigan woman has been arraigned on second-degree murder after prosecutors say she drunkenly crashed...
Associated Press 1h
Plane crashes into river in Alaska, officials say
Two people were onboard Douglas DC-4 that went down near Fairbanks on Tuesday, authorities sayA Douglas...
World news | The Guardian 1h
Chinese President Xi Jinping sounds a lot like Putin in his New Yorker profile -...
Chinese President Xi Jinping sounds a lot like Putin in his New Yorker profile  Yahoo News UK
"Putin and Xi Jinping" - Google News 1h
Fundamental Advisors Seeks $1.5 Billion to Invest in Municipal Assets
Fundamental Advisors aims to collect $1.5 billion to buy assets such as senior-care properties, where...
WSJ: World News 2h
Ukraine wants to destroy the Crimean Bridge but how could they do it? - MSN
Ukraine wants to destroy the Crimean Bridge but how could they do it?  MSN
"crimean bridge attack" - Google News 2h
Mattel says toy demand is improving, and shares are rallying
Toy maker Mattel Inc. on Tuesday reported a narrower quarterly loss than expected, while holding to its...
Markets and Business News Review 2h
Visa's stock gains as earnings continue to show healthy spending growth
The credit-card giant's upbeat earnings follow those from American Express last week.
Markets and Business News Review 2h
Texas Instruments' stock is on the rise after strong results, guidance
Texas Instruments Inc.'s stock immediately jumped more than 5% in extended trading Tuesday after the...
Markets and Business News Review 2h
Department of Labor's latest fiduciary rule could save investors $5 billion a year,...
The rule is expected to go into effect in September
Markets and Business News Review 2h
Big Tech Leads Market Rally Ahead of Earnings
Investors breathed a sigh of relief as Treasurys and oil prices stabilized.
WSJ: World News 2h
Centuries-old cherries found hidden in bottles under floor at George Washington's...
Archaeologist says cherries 'can provide us with valuable insight and perspective into 18th-century lives'Archaeologists...
World news | The Guardian 2h
Australia news live: security chiefs fire warning shot at social media over encryption;...
Asio boss Mike Burgess will say companies must do more to help unlock encrypted messages for investigators....
World news | The Guardian 2h
Mother of Nottingham stabbing victim criticises police officer's comments
Open letter says 'callous and degrading' police group WhatsApp message caused 'more trauma than you can...
World news | The Guardian 2h
Mattel Sales Miss Forecasts as 'Barbie' Boost Wanes
Toymaker's sales slipped in its first quarter as the boom from last year's "Barbie" movie eased.
WSJ: World News 2h
Biden Has a 'Very Fine People' Moment
He condemns 'the antisemitic protests,' then mumbles words of equivocation.
WSJ: World News 2h
Leaving Abortion to the States Requires Federal Action
Trump would have to undo a series of 'workaround' regulations Biden imposed to evade the law.
WSJ: World News 2h
With Jews Under Attack, Biden Could Look to Ike's Example
Like segregationists in the 1950s, today's antisemitic protesters are violating civil rights and other...
WSJ: World News 2h
New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings -- Week Ending April 21, 2024
WSJ: World News 2h
The Boeing Just-So Story
Aviation romantics aren't helping a troubled company get back on track.
WSJ: World News 2h
Tesla Reports Sharp Drop in First-Quarter Earnings
The EV maker's profit fell 55% and revenue declined 9%, as pressure mounted on Elon Musk to better articulate...
WSJ: World News 2h
Chinese speculators super-charge gold rally
Huge bullish bets on Shanghai exchanges show growing clout of Asian traders in market for precious metal
Markets and Business News Review 2h
Ithaca Energy agrees £750mn deal for most of Eni's UK oil and gasfields
The transaction should turn the London-listed company into one of the North Sea's largest producers
Markets and Business News Review 2h
US Sees Imminent Missile Strike on Israel by Iran, Proxies - Bloomberg
US Sees Imminent Missile Strike on Israel by Iran, Proxies  Bloomberg
"US, Russia, Israel, Iran" - Google News 2h
Alligator wrangled on tarmac of Florida Air Force base
An alligator that made its way onto the runway at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa has been moved to a...
Associated Press 2h
Pennsylvania voters talk Trump, Biden as they cast ballots in primary
As both parties' presidential nominees are set, voters in Pennsylvania talk about the November general...
Associated Press 2h
Plants With Personality (Wednesday Crossword, April 24)
WSJ: World News 2h
WhatsApp scams: How they work and what you can do to protect yourself
"Hello, dad, I've lost my cell phone and I am writing to you from this new number. Can you send me money?...
Feed MRSS-S 2h
US Senate votes overwhelmingly to advance Ukraine, Israel aid legislation
Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan advanced in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday,...
Cyprus Mail 2h
Regulators probe potential use by big banks of nondisclosure agreements to discourage...
Some of the largest U.S. banks are being asked by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission to provide...
Markets and Business News Review 3h
The U.S. Treasury is about to make a move designed to make the bond market more resilient
A long-awaited program intended to make the Treasury market more liquid and resilient is expected to...
Markets and Business News Review 3h
Trump speaks on gag order as day two of hush money trial wraps up
Day two of Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York wrapped up Tuesday afternoon with the former president...
Associated Press 3h
Dozens arrested at NYU pro-Palestinian protest
Students protests over Israel's war with Hamas have been spreading in New York and nationwide, with police...
Associated Press 3h
UK PM Rishi Sunak says country putting its defense industry on 'war footing'
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says the country is putting its defense industry on "war footing." #uk...
Associated Press 3h
Two Turning Point USA members admit to assaulting queer professor
Kalen D'Almeida and Braden Ellis accosted David Boyles, also co-founder of Drag Story Hour Arizona, last...
World news | The Guardian 3h
Tabloid publisher says he pledged to be Trump campaign's 'eyes and ears' during 2016...
A veteran tabloid publisher testified Tuesday that he pledged to be Donald Trump's "eyes and ears" during...
Feed MRSS-S 3h
Veterinary services must investigate dog importation, says ombudswoman
Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou-Lottides on Tuesday blasted the veterinary services for negligence or failure...
Cyprus Mail 3h
Germany suspects AfD staffer in EU parliament of spying for China
An aide to a member of the European Parliament for the far-right Alternative for Germany has been arrested...
Cyprus Mail 3h
Ashley Judd, Aloe Blacc help announce White House campaign on suicide prevention
AP correspondent Margie Szaroleta reports on Ashley Judd and Aloe Blacc visiting the White House as part...
AP Audio Wire 3h
Athens, Greece, skies turn orange with dust clouds from North Africa
Associated Press 3h
José Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen, a chef on the front line
Spanish-American chef José Andrés is the founder of the NGO that, since 2010, has been providing millions...
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 3h
American Airlines Is Once Again Changing How Fliers Can Earn Rewards
American Airlines will soon reward travelers for booking trips only when they do so through American...
WSJ: World News 3h
FTC Bans Noncompete Clauses That Restrict Job Switching
The move sets up a high-stakes legal clash with business groups over the agency's power.
WSJ: World News 3h
Argentina, la preside della Facoltà di Scienze sociali: Il governo non aggiusta il...
Il piano di tagli voluto dal governo argentino per l'Università non è un "semplice aggiustamento" ma...
Agenzia Nova 3h
Why British detective shows reign supreme
Aerial shot of London at night. A large black car moves down the ring road. It is driven by actor Peter...
Feed MRSS-S 4h
Sarah Blagden, oncologist: 'We should eventually have a vaccine that you get at age...
One in two people will have cancer during their lifetime, warns English oncologist Sarah Blagden, from...
Feed MRSS-S 4h
Freddie Highmore says goodbye to 'The Good Doctor': 'It has given me stability in...
Before starting the interview, Freddie Highmore, 32, apologizes: "I'm sorry we're speaking in English...
Feed MRSS-S 4h
Spanish-language music shakes off complexes and makes its mark on the global stage
After decades of Anglo music reigning supreme, even in Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish has become...
Feed MRSS-S 4h
Why gold's 3% dip may help fuel a run to fresh record highs
Here's what could return gold to record highs.
Markets and Business News Review 4h
Want $750 Per Month In Passive Income? Invest In These Stocks
According to The Wall Street Journal, average 30-year mortgage rates have now surged to 7.1% and home...
Markets and Business News Review 4h
Jamie Dimon praises House leaders for Ukraine, Israel aid deal, but flags difficulty...
JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive calls for more collaboration between government and business.
Markets and Business News Review 4h
Book club at Chicago jail brings college students and inmates together
Associated Press 4h
Transgender Louisianans lost their ally in governor's seat. Now they're girding for...
Associated Press 4h
LIVE: US Senate to vote on $95 billion in war aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan
Associated Press 4h
'True Promise': Why and how did Iran launch a historic attack on Israel? - Al Jazeera...
'True Promise': Why and how did Iran launch a historic attack on Israel?  Al Jazeera English
"US, Russia, Israel, Iran" - Google News 4h
Rudy Gobert: 'The Olympics at home only happens once in a lifetime, we have to enjoy...
Le Monde met with the French basketball team and Minnesota Timberwolves center at his home in Minneapolis....
Le - Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 4h
Prosecutors Allege Scheme to Supply Venezuelan Oil Company With Aircraft Parts
Federal prosecutors unsealed a years-old indictment charging 10 people with operating a scheme to evade...
WSJ: World News 4h
UK is increasing defense spending to 2.5% of GDP by end of decade
U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced Tuesday that the country is putting its defense industry on...
Associated Press 4h
LIVE: At University of California, Berkeley, as demonstrators protest war in Gaza
Live from the University of California, Berkeley, as Pro-Palestinian demonstrators are camped out on...
Associated Press 4h
IBM Nears Deal for Cloud-Software Provider
The takeover could value HashiCorp at a premium to its market value of $4.9 billion.
WSJ: World News 4h
Sampha, Yussef Dayes and Daniel Pemberton top Ivor Novello award nominations
Sampha and Dayes get nods for best album and share in nomination for Sampha's song Spirit 2.0 at awards...
World news | The Guardian 4h
'This will be a little bit worse than a normal correction': April's stock-market...
Technical analysts Ralph Acampora, Larry Williams and Vance Howard see market weakness ahead.
Markets and Business News Review 4h
Lenders flying blind on private equity risk, Bank of England warns
Regulator says sector needs a consolidated view to avoid a repeat of Archegos fiasco
Markets and Business News Review 4h
Why S&P 500's 'roller coaster' Monday may bode well for stocks, according to Bespoke
U.S. stocks resembled a "roller coaster" on Monday with a pattern of swings that frequently has followed...
Markets and Business News Review 4h
FTC looking to accelerate inquiry into prescription-drug middlemen, chair says
The Federal Trade Commission is looking to speed up its inquiry into prescription-drug middlemen while...
Markets and Business News Review 4h

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